Adrienne Kohut

American owned, great staff, so many awesome beach, fishing and clothing items & so much to love. I want to work there!!! [5/5 Stars on]

Stacy Combs

It simply isn’t a trip to the beach without a trip to Beach Mart. We love this store! The staff is always knowledgable and friendly and you can find cool beach items priced to suit a family budget. [5/5 Stars on]

Jason Metcalf

Beach Mart is a locally owned business that has a little bit of everything. I have been going to Holden Beach for almost 40 years and Beach Mart has always been the go to place. The tee shirts are much thicker and better quality than places like Wings, etc. If you want good, quality products that is the most for your money, then go to Beach Mart and support local business. [5/5 Stars on] –