Holden Beach History Now Available in Paperback

Book cover of Holden Beach History (Paperback)
Holden Beach History: As Experienced by John F. Holden

We are thrilled to announce the availability of a new paperback version of “Holden Beach History: As Experienced by John F. Holden”. Previously available only in hardback, this book offers a first-hand account of how Holden Beach grew to be a beloved vacation destination enjoyed by generations.

Join the developer and first mayor of Holden Beach, John F. Holden, on a journey through the rich and storied history of this tight-knit coastal North Carolina community. From the beginnings of the town to its status as a USA TODAY winning #1 Family Beach, this book provides a comprehensive look at the town’s fascinating past.

The book is part memoir, part historical account, and offers a nuanced understanding of the town and its place in the larger context of American and North Carolina history. Readers will learn about the people, places, and events that have shaped the town over the years, from shipwrecks to hurricanes to accidental rodeos.

Holden Beach is known for its breathtaking beaches, but this book reveals the stories behind the sand and surf. The book also offers a poignant look at the challenges and triumphs that have characterized Holden Beach’s story. Whether you are a long-time resident, visitor, or simply a lover of history, this book will inspire you to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Holden Beach and its enduring spirit.

“The story of Holden Beach… all needs to be a part of this state’s recorded history. John F. Holden has done this for us in an eloquent way,” says A. Craig Phillips, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, North Carolina.

The paperback version of “Holden Beach History: As Experienced by John F. Holden” can be purchased in-store or online at theBeachMart.com. This new edition is perfect for those who prefer a more portable and lightweight option than the hardcover version–it’s perfect for the beach!

Holden Beach is a beloved vacation destination for families and friends from all over the world, and this book offers an intimate look at the town’s origins and growth over the years. Discover the hidden gems and untold stories of Holden Beach with this fascinating and informative book. Get your copy today and immerse yourself in the history of this cherished North Carolina beach town.

Holden Beach History: As Experienced by John F. Holden (Paperback) is published by Holden Media LLC. For more information and to discover other books, visit Holden.me.