Preppy Pirate Invades Holden Beach

Grab your loot, they’re coming a’board!

If you haven’t heard of Preppy Pirate yet, consider yourself informed.  It’s the HOT new, fashion brand that everyone is talking about and it’s coming to Holden Beach. 

Preppy Pirate Outfitters (PPO) is a home-grown North Carolina fashion brand based in Eden, NC.  The brand focuses on coastal living and beach music themes that resonate and represent the Coastal Carolinas.

The designs and colors are lively, fun and full of spunk.  That spunk is getting the attention of local and national celebrities.  National country music start, Scotty McCreery, proudly sported his Preppy Pirate hat on a recent instagram post.  Former NBA superstar was also spotted wearing a PPO hoodie.

The brands is growing such a cult following, those wearing the brand “Rep the Prep” with T-shirts now being made with just that slogan.  

Beach Mart is excited to bring Preppy Pirate Outfitters to Holden Beach, NC. 

Stop into the store and get your Preppy Pirate gear.  REP THE PREP!